Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ms.Daffy Duck.

You know those teachers with funny names? My 4th Grade Teacher's name was similar to Daffy Duck. It was pretty amusing.

4th Grade was pretty awesome. Although my best friend ATM moved to a different school, I made new ones. Ones I kept for several years!

Back to my teacher, she was as nice as you could imagine. The only thing that kept her from being perfect, was that when she got mad, oh shit. She. Got. Mad.

Usually, she would make the next class a silent day, a day where if we talk, we get sent outside. On rare cases, she would take the kids she was mad at and give them a long lecture - following it up with a call to their parents. The thing is, I actually had fun on Silent Days, it was like a game to see who could hold out the longest without talking.

I really enjoyed 4th Grade. Thought it was the best thing in the world. Too bad one of the worst days of my life was in the 4th Grade. Otherwise, I would have said 4th Grade was the best time of my life. (So far)

One day, in class, I really needed to take a piss. I REALLY REALLY NEEDED TO. Piss was practically gushing out and I could barely hold it in. It was that gross and serious. Now, I bet you all expect me to just piss my pants and go home like that.

But um. No.

Things did end up that way, but it wasn't so simple.

I wanted to ask the teacher to go out to the bathroom, but the teacher was nowhere to be fucking found. Because my parents beat into me -literally - the respect I should have for adults, I couldn't even think of running out without the teachers permission. So I had to wait. Keep it all locked in, then once school ended, rush out to a bathroom.

First one, locked.

Second one, locked.

Third one, open! But its a girls bathroom ...

What the hell...

Fortunately for me, I remembered a hidden one in one of the class rooms. I run in there, open the only stall there, and I see...

a old lady taking a dump.

I ran out as fast as I could.

Unable to find a bathroom, I walked home with soggy pants.

And did I mention my mom's friend was walking me home?


  1. When I was in third grade we had a teacher named Mrs.Recardo. The other kids in the class would call his Mrs.Retardo.

  2. ohh lol. sorry to laugh but its funny mate. i dont think your mom friend still remembers it. :)

  3. Crazy times. I remember stabbing my hand under the desk on accident back around that time too.

  4. I like the way you designed your blog :)

  5. daffy ftw

    I'm an avid reader of yours so I'd appreciate it if you headed over to my blog and voted in my poll and stuff =)

  6. Lol one of my teachers name was skweejee!

  7. my 4th grade teacher was the biggest cunt in the whole world. I understand the difference between constructive criticism, and a teacher who is just out to get me. And believe me, she did everything she could to make that year miserable for me. But it all worked out alright because I spit in her coffee every day and stole about 400$ worth of stuff from her by the end of the year :]