Monday, October 11, 2010

7th Grade.

I was bullied. I will say no more.


  1. fuck....thats one brutal way to sum it up


  2. 5 vulnerable areas on EVERYONE even the biggest, baddest bad ass:

    1. the neck
    2. the throat
    3. the eyes
    4. the knees
    5. the groin

    Take the bully out. Strike at three areas. Become hero. Not an hero. But a hero. Know what I mean?

    i.e., upper cut to throat, palm heel strike to nose (causes eyes to water, legs to spread for balance), front kick to groin (kick as if you are kicking through to his head), elbow strike to spine. No more bully.

  3. Yea, kids can be brutal without proper parenting. I think it just gets worse with every generation too.

  4. Sorry to hear this:( I wish bullying would be taken more seriously.